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Again it might not seem a huge sentence, but around that period there were celebrities convicted on historic child abuse cases and got less time than I did. Maybe I'm not smart enough, but I couldn't understand how raping children was considered less of a crime than having cannabis plants. It may seem odd, but I found prison was a huge plus for my writing both times. Locked inside a tiny concrete box for over 23 hours a day, day after day after day after day, I guess you find something to occupy your mind or go nuts.

Luckily I was already nuts, so I read and wrote the whole time instead. What advice do you have for aspiring writers looking to get some good writing done inside or outside a penitentiary? I think writing can be a hugely cathartic thing. So my advice would be just do it.

Don't worry about is it good or not, just do it. If someone who does that finds they really enjoy it, then perhaps something on a professional level can come of that later. Just be prepared for a life of rejection, hardship and virtually no financial reward from it, ha. Your debut novel The Elephant Tree made a nice splash when it came out in , and has developed quite the cult following ever since. So my question is, are you in a cult? My cult days are behind me now, but my beard is coming along well so maybe I'll form one some day.

Not in colossal numbers, but enough to let me know that there is a real hunger for books that fall between the cracks of mainstream acceptability. That in itself was enough to spur me on, continue writing and continue seeking out and expanding reach on my target audience. On second thought, I do have a question about The Zombie Room— a couple actually. First, why in the world would anyone in their right mind write a novel about sex trafficking? And secondly, which novel about sex trafficking do you feel is better—yours or mine? Many thanks for that.

The Truth Perspective: Interview with Douglas Valentine: The CIA As Organized Crime

It wasn't originally going to be about sex trafficking. The writing kind of developed a mind of its own and I let things take their natural course. Obviously it is a serious and ongoing issue in the world, and as such I had to do justice to the subject matter and do a lot of research. What do you like most about writing? What do you like least? Feel free to go into great detail about the latter—people are used to reading lots of complaining on my blog.

At times when writing, I can feel on top of the world.

Devils in Red Dress – The New Inquiry

I'm not one of those writers that has a daily word count goal. I have days when I write x thousand words, then wake up the next day and bin them all. I have other days when I may only get out a sentence, but it is so perfect to what is integral to a scene, I feel it was a great achievement. What I like least is probably confusion about the type of books—transgressive fiction—that I write. I've been condemned in reviews because my book wasn't like some bestseller they had just finished reading. The thing mainstream readers don't understand is that those are the kind of books we are sick of.

Sure they have their place in the world, but I don't want to sound like James Patterson, or Lee Child, or hell, anyone else at all. I have my own voice and it's one I'm proud of. Not reading like a mainstream book is not a failure, it's a deliberate act to represent readers of the same mindset as me. Some of my favorite authors are unsurprisingly members of the transgressive fiction community.

But there are also authors who fit into this category who many won't have heard of: Rupert Thomson, Lili Anolik, Kelly Braffet. Of course it's vital to go back to read and reread classics from the likes of Bukowski, Burroughs, Orwell, and Huxley. I'm always hungry to discover new authors whose work I can fall in love with, so this list may well have changed a year from now.

I made the conscious decision long ago to not release my third book until I was utterly happy with it. I hope my fans are hungry for this next one.

Read e-book VALENTINE GUFFAW (Short Stories - Social Issues)

It's undoubtedly better than anything I've done before. Leaps and bounds. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to release it into the wild. That goes double for me and many others, R. Looking forward to reading it! I'll let you get back to writing it now. Thanks for taking the time to chat, and for giving my poor followers a break from my usual rambling, ranting blog posts.

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Home Bio Novels Blog Connect. Exclusive for subscribers! Oct 3, Or so I imagine. Do all that, and this would still be terrifying. This is all that. And less. Simple equations can produce complex patterns. The way to decode them is a process known as an iterated algorithm. This is a piece of algebra where you take the solution to an equation, and plug it back into the start of the same equation, and keep repeating the process, again and again. Out of a simple equation, you get complex patterns. But the maths is so complex and so time-consuming, it can only be done with computers.

It was inaccessible to Thomasina. So Thomasina, the audience realises, glimpsed a truth, centuries earlier than anyone else.

Read e-book VALENTINE GUFFAW (Short Stories - Social Issues)

She saw what things meant, way ahead, like seeing a picture," Valentine says. And she knew that if she was right, she could help us escape from the trap laid by Newton — of a predictable, determined universe shorn of free will, and doomed to freeze. With the day-to-day unpredictability of chaos theory, "determinism leaves the road at every turn," she says. It's how nature creates itself, on every scale, the snowflake and the snowstorm.

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And maybe it offered a form of hope beyond the freeze. When it is explained to her, Hannah asks Valentine: "Do you mean the world is saved after all? But if this is how it started, perhaps it's how the next one will come. But what became of Thomasina's insight? Hannah reveals its fate casually, in the sixth scene. Skip this paragraph if you want to avoid a plot spoiler. Thomasina died in a fire on the eve of her 17th birthday.

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Her insights came to nothing. Then we see her alive again, skipping onto the stage, trying to persuade Septimus to kiss her. It is, we realise, the night of her death. And suddenly, it hits the audience.

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  7. The hermit in the garden is Septimus, trying to prove Thomasina's equations, alone and half-mad in the romantics' garden after her death. His mind and pencil didn't have the capacity to do what a computer can manage in a few minutes — but he tried, scribbling endlessly, for decades, trying to prove there is hope after all, and it can only be discovered "through good English algebra.

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    Yet here — at the core of his best play — is the greatest love story on the British stage for decades. Yes, the characters bond over ideas — but some of the most interesting people in life do just that. That would be enough to make Arcadia a masterpiece — but it is even more than that. The play stirs the most basic and profound questions humans can ask.